Monday, October 15, 2012

Who do you know who needs a donation for a silent auction? We're happy to donate one of three options...

Turn Your Body Into A Fat-Burning Machine
  1. Adrenal/Stress Hormone Screening
  2. Acid/Alkaline Saliva Test for Toxicity
  3. Urine Test for Heavy Metals
  4. General Health Checkup
  5. Neurologic Evaluation
  6. Exercise & Nutritional Review
  7. Recommendations for Long-Term Success
Relief For Stress-Related Health Problems (Headaches, Fatigue, Insomnia, Anxiety, Digestive Troubles, Depression, etc.)
  1. Stress Survey
  2. Blood Pressure Hormonal Stress Test
  3. Acid/Alkaline Saliva Screening for Chemical Stress
  4. Trigger Point Screening for Areas of Tension
  5. Nutritional Review
  6. Evaluation of Past Traumas and Related Nerve Damage
  7. Recommendations to Regain Your Health
Pain Relief Program:
  1. Evaluation of Joints, Muscles, and Nerves Related to Your Pain
  2. Evaluation of Hormones, Nutrition, and Chemical Toxicity That Could Contribute to Your Problem
  3. Low Level Laser Therapy Session to Reduce Inflammation and Speed Healing
  4. Recommendations to End Your Pain