Monday, January 12, 2009

1 Adjustment Is Worth 50-200 Biofeedback Sessions

A noteworthy recent study, A Four-Case Study: The effect of the chiropractic adjustment on the brain wave pattern as measured by EEG, showed that the positive effect of one chiropractic adjustment in producing a more balanced brain wave pattern was equal to 50-200 biofeedback sessions. The researchers concluded that "the chiropractic adjustment [placed] the subjects into a predominantly Alpha brain wave pattern. Alpha is the conscious, meditative state, classically associated with a greater degree of relaxation and health... We [also] noticed that the Alpha activity was also accompanied by an increase in general brain wave activity."

In practice chiropractors have long found that chiropractic adjustments decrease patients' stress and increase their sense of well-being. Thanks to these researchers we now have at least one pathway to explain this benefit.

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