Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Book of the Month

For years I have kept a mental log of my "Book of the Month" (taking month very loosely, it might be week, it might be quarter, depending). My book-of-the-month is something I am currently reading and find particularly useful, inspiring, or noteworthy. Today I am launching the translation of that mental log into the world outside my own head with today's posting. The End of Your World by Adyashanti initiates what will be a semi-regular feature of this blog. As the book jacket says, "uncensored straight talk on the nature of enlightenment."  Since we're talking about enlightenment, the less I say the better!  But my primary reaction so far is a huge sense of relief--the kind of relief I feel when I read or hear something that cuts through the murk of my daily thoughts (90% self-justifications and/or worries) and says something that I know deeply but have not articulated. To get a sense of Adyashanti's teachings check out the free downloads of his guided meditations, available at

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